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About Us


P.H.I.T. Founder • Director • Personal Trainer

Physical inactivity has become a major issue amongst the youth and adults in America. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a certified personal trainer to know the facts to address the issue. In today’s society, by the time a child reaches middle school approximately 50-60% of them will be physically inactive and/or obese. Unfortunately, today’s society is unhealthy and overweight due to the advancement of technology (i.e. internet, video games, cell phone etc…), combined with improper eating habits. Not to mention the food we eat here in America.

In 2001, I developed a program called Group PHIT (Putting Health into Today), to address the needs of our young people and adults through physical fitness and healthy choices while having fun and shaping the mind and the body. Through this unique program, participants will achieve physical fitness through regular exercise, adequate nutritional habits, peer interaction and encouragement and support while developing lasting friendships and having fun. PHIT also provides structure and discipline by emphasizing the importance of rules and the consequences associated, along with a reward system.

His History


Youth Guidance Chicago, IL (2005-2013) Fitness Instructor

Developed and implemented exceptional fitness and mentor classes for students and parents in six Metropolitan Chicago area schools. Facilitated effective physical fitness exercise boot camp sessions. Instructed, mentored and motivated youth and adult participants to engage in non-traditional cardiovascular fitness activities utilizing unique equipment in fun and interesting ways.

North Kenwood Charter School Chicago, IL (2006-2012) Fitness Instructor

Developed and coordinated 2nd – 5th grade student sports and fitness activities including basketball, flag football, soccer and other team games. Coordinated and directed men’s evening basketball program and exercise training sessions for students’ fathers and community participants. Advocated and lobbied on behalf of the value of physical fitness for youth as the liaison between program instructors and school program administrators. Counseled, mentored and educated students and parents about physical fitness and health related issues including exercise, stress, nutrition and drug abuse. Accomplished strategies that brought parents and students together to enrich their relationships, with one another, through physical fitness activities.

First Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten, Chicago IL, (2002-2012) Fitness Instructor

Developed and successfully implemented innovative health and fitness methods and techniques, which attracted and engaged youth participants, to impart and impress upon the participants, at an early age, the benefits of physical fitness for a healthy life. Enforced and trained participants about proper safety measures and regulations governing sports and recreational activities. Trained participants to employ proper breathing techniques, physical stance, and body positioning used during physical exertion to achieve maximum results from their efforts. Served as a positive and dynamic male mentor and role model for the participants and their parents.


Demonstrates and exemplifies professional and proven fitness components: mentoring, personal discipline and health education. Mr. Patton specializes in highly imaginative, non-traditional, fun cardiovascular fitness techniques developed during his 10 year career.

Participants are enriched by Patton’s approach to physical programs that motivate and educate participants through practical demonstration and a complete family/total community approach that enforces the benefits of movement and health consciousness for all.

Morton Patton’s fitness career has been dedicated to developing, practicing and sharing his exciting and unconventional methods and techniques for getting children and adults motivated to get up and move through their lives.