Why Group PHIT is Great for your Children!

Often, parents thrust their children into a group sport without any physical or mental preparation. The Putting Health Into Today (P.H.I.T.) Program is an ideal supplement or substitute for group sports and a head start for all other programs. P.H.I.T. makes teaching and participating in other programs easier and instills the importance of discipline, structure and responsibility through fun, physical activities. Educators and parents realize that without these components, it is harder for a child to succeed.

By the time they reach high school, 63 percent of all young people are no longer physically active. Why? The answer is usually television, video games and personal computers, compounded by excessive consumption of foods high in calories and fat, which add unwanted and unneeded pounds. This is one reason why parents and educators should introduce children to exercise and other physical activity that is fun. Once young people begin moving in the direction of fitness, chances are they will keep going in that direction for the rest of their lives.

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports reports that there are three major motives that explain why children and adolescents participate in physical activity.


They are:

1. To develop and demonstrate physical competence

2. To gain social acceptance and support

3. To have FUN

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